Impact of level of rumen undegradable protein on in-vitro

medium and high levels of rumen undegradable efficiency of feed conversion, processing and 1.41 0.003 184.28a 196.19b 1.15 0.001

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Fragment edge and isolation affect the food web: effects on

(e.g. felines) are often in high conflict among trophic guilds (Tables 1 and 3, Figure 2 (large‐sized mammals) ‐0.001 0 ‐0.001

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R J Schepers research works | Amsterdam University Medical

R J Schepers 307 research works with 14,822 citations and 1,001 reads, including: Increased epidermal thickness and abnormal epidermal differentiation in

under-five children in Nigeria | Malaria Journal | Full Text

the higher the severity of anaemia, the malaria case management including use of RDTs Severe 224 3.7 87.6  0.001* 67.4

Padé approximation for time-domain plane wave reflected from

efficiency of the proposed method for specially for the moments of higher orders, 5 1.360917001947e-33 1.360840677096e-33


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high protein, phospholipid, and nucleic acid (GLMM; F 1,54=26.641, p 0.001; Fig. Fig. 3 Rates of bacterial respiration (BR)

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higher salt-tolerance, because the expression responding to salt stress [1, 2, 3, 4].of ≥2-fold and adjusted P-value ≤0.001

Prognostic ability of the German version of the STarT Back

, H91.3, I64, K74.-K74.6, N18.0, N18.3–4, N18.9, R  Low-Risk 24.10 (20.06) 38.96  0.001  High-Risk

energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in

3 N A King,2 A P Hills,1,2 and R E (ER) improved weight loss efficiency compared with(P0.001) in both groups, but did not

Factors of Low Birth Weight Risk in the Department of

(p = 0.001) which multiplies by 3 the risk higher in primiparous and Kangulu IB [17] who low efficiency of placental function at this age

Cryoablation versus Partial Nephrectomy for Clinical Stage T1

higher than that in the cryoablation group (p = 0.001 and p 0.001 Caputo2017[14] USA R 31 31 R L+P 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10 13.0 30

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The aggregation of Au atoms onto a Au dimer (Au2) on a MgO (001) surface was calculated by restricted (spin-un-polarized) and unrestricted (spin-


higher locomotor efficiency in their juvenile (relative to putatively neutral markers; R. P≤ 0.001; DFA scores: χ2= 3.97, P


Background The prospective phase 3 PlanB trial used the Oncotype DX® Recurrence Score®(RS) to define a genomically low-risk subset of

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and surface characterization of In 2 O 3 (001) single crystals Daniel R.investigation of high-quality In 2 O 3 (001) single crystals is reported

Malaria HRP2 RDT with microscopy in population screening

higher proportion of asymptomatic cases are P value 0.001** 0.001** 0.173b peripheral public health facilities in Ghana


p  0.001 F(2,7) = 3.78; p(PS) symptoms, genetic and clinical high-risk M., Walker E., Woods S.W., Heinssen R

Urinary Calprotectin loses specificity as tumour marker due

2019314-high-grade patients (596.8 [91.8–1655.5OR 3.2, 95% CI 2.5–3.8, p = 0.001)efficiency of the local immune response [20]

Troponin I and T in relation to cardiac injury detected with

whereas isolated high levels of hs-cTnT were model 3 1.76 (1.45–2.14) 0.001 1.67 (1individuals with T2DM, for reasons of efficiency

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