CIA - The World Factbook -- Hungary

CIA - The World Factbook -- HungaryAn encyclopedia entry for the republic of Hungary is presented. Hungary is located in Central Europe, northwest of

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harasztosi péter - Export spillovers in Hungary

Export spillovers in HungaryInternational tradeSpilloversF1R12D22Spillovers from peers in the immediate environment can encourage firms to engage in trade. Th

A probabilistic approach to multivariable robust filtering

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Functional and Sectoral Division of Labour within Central and

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LPV system identification using series expansion models

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Using the Scaling Analysis to Characterize Financial Markets

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Overview of JET Result

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What can the Semantic Web do for Adaptive Educational

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PISA: A framework for multiagent classification using

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Location of FDI in Hungary: input-output linkages and the

local policies on the location decisions of foreign owned firms in Hungary. R12, H7, C35Keywords: industrial location, FDI, discrete choice models,