low temperature flooding, and ice encasement tolerance in

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The Utilisation of Curative Healthcare in Mozambique: Does

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Thermal and Radiolytic Gas Generation Tests on Material from

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The Autoxidation of Azo-compounds and Certain Aspects of

The intermediate formation of peroxides in the bioluminescence process 140doi:10.1070/RC1977v046n02ABEH002123V Karnojitzky《Russian Chemical Reviews》

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- Model B046R03 and B046R13 - Mobile Vacuum Pump Unit This This vacuum pump unit is powerful - its nominal suction capacity is

Pseudotachylyte and Fluid Alteration at Seismogenic Depths (

doi:10.1088/0034-4885/67/8/R03. Kanamori H,doi:10.1130/B30049.1. Mittempergher S, doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04607.x

Background Note: Mozambique

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61/907,046, titled METHODS OF DRIVING properties of individual constituents PbZr03 and (B) Ez = -0.5U /Ps and (C) Ez = -1

The hierarchy of Huygens equations in spaces with a non-

doi:10.1070/RM1991v046n03ABEH002795Nail Kh IbragimovA O Oganesyan《Russian Mathematical Surveys》Ibragimov, N. Kh. and Oganesyan, A. O.: Hierarchy


doi:10.1070/rm1991v046em>R03?key=crossref.fbbd305f1cfbe7b02e0aea7bb8bb724aRussian Mathematica

ivity of Acoustic Signal Transmission in the Wave

the IFD corresponds extremely well with the R03 SD:200rT RD:300FT F:100HZ Z:9000rT R:B ^ ll I 4840.04650.0 1 4S60.0 1 1

The Radio and Gamma-Ray Luminosi0074ies of Blazars

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NLO evolution of 3-quark Wilson loop operator

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Novel decavanadate cluster complex (HImz) 12 (V 10 O 28 ) 2

201561-R03IPTV20—O48 ID(V-O) = 8.60% Octahedron V(14)O6 V14—O41 1.6046 (2) 0.045 (3) −0.003 (2) 0.014 (2) 0.0072 (19) C9B