Use of RAD sequencing for delimiting species

2012b) was amplified using the ND4L2475F – (rising of the Isthmus of Panama), which can 030 100 PPPPNNNNGGGG112211002212001412,,1433,,

Knowledge coproduction in environmental impact assessment:

Knowledge coproduction in environmental impact assessment: Lessons from the mining industry in Panamadoi:10.1002/eet.1832Environmental Policy and Governance

Tropical forest response to drought depends on age

Factors most important for regulation of transpiration in young forests in Panama had to do with their ability to access water in the soil, whereas older

development and environmental pollution in Panama]

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Latrines in Panama: Methods and Environmental Health Enginee

Inactivation of Ascaris in Double-Vault Urine-Diverting Composting Latrines in Panama: Methods and Environmental Health Engineering Field Applications

Big game fishing in the Northern Gulf of Mexico during 1981.

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Description of , a new species of phlebotomine sandfly (

(1,502.9 ± 139.8; n = 7), 1,030.2 ( phlebotomine sand flies in Colombia and Panama. Carrasquilla, M.C., Munstermann, L., Marin,

[Impact of livestock activities on the environment in Panama]

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Transport of relativistic nucleons in a galactic wind driven

r2 r02 − z2 z02 − r02 =1 (1) Fig. (grant 94-02-03039) and the International L.H., Buffington A., Smoot G.F., Alvarez L

Genetic mosaic in a marine species flock.

chondrial ATPase 6/8 and Cyt b was similar to(H. puella • Panama, H. aberrans • 0.030 0.036 -0.004 0.0125 0.0364 0.0001

Frontiers | Environmental and Host Effects on Skin Bacterial

2018222-Environmental and Host Effects on Skin Bacterial Community Composition in Panamanian Frogs Brandon J. Varela1,2,3*, David Lesbarrères4, Rob

Genetic footprints of Iberian cattle in America 500 years

adapting to a wide range of environmental The Creoles from Panama, Mexico, United States doi:10.1093/molbev/msj030. 65. Lebart L,

Panama Regulation Rules 2017.pdf

[Validation of kidney bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) of small red grains tolerant to high environmental temperatures, in Alanje and Chepo. Panama

Keys to the Genera of Araneid Oreavers (Araneae, Araneidae)

15 mm; Panama to N Argentina . . . Manogea (as in Figs. 100, 103); ho- larcticdoi:10.1636/0161-8202(2002)030[0527:KTTGOA]

β-glucosidase response to environmental temperature

Five concentrations (0.005, 0.010, 0.020, 0.030, 0.050 mol L-1)-litter nutrients and soil enzymes in a moist, lowland forest in Panama