Rheinmetall MG 3 - Wikipedia

For the car, see MG 3. The MG 3 is a support weapon and a vehicle-mounted machine gun. Pakistan (MG 1A3), Greece, Iran, Sudan and

EP0425543A4 - Wheel or endless track - Google Patents

A ground engaging means in the form of a wheel for a vehicle, comprising a rim (11) and a plurality of ground engaging elements (13) mounted on

M113 armored personnel carrier - Wikipedia

the most widely used armored vehicle of the U. Iran–Iraq War Persian Gulf War Kosovo War War

Natural gas vehicle - Wikipedia

A natural gas vehicle (NGV) is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses (5.0 million), Iran (4.00 million), India (3.045 million), Pakistan (

Camera Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Winter

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based multispectral sensors have great potential in crop monitoring due to their high flexibility, high spatial resolution, and

US6325436B1 - Cargo area divider for a motor vehicle - Google

A cargo area divider for a motor vehicle has a flexible planar structure that is equipped in a front end region with a pull-out profile that has

US9487122B2 - Vehicle-mounted apparatus, computer-readable

A vehicle-mounted apparatus outputs caution or warning information to an occupant in a vehicle if the vehicle-mounted apparatus does not continually receive

surface state and tire running state, abs and vehicle

The frequency of an information signal indicative of the vibration of a wheel detected by an acceleration sensor 11 mounted to a wheel 1 or the

CA2179198C - Track assembly for vehicle power seat adjuster -

Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles therQciprocal, horizontal v~ ~ of the upper trackU59~1121~3 belt to move fore and aft with

- Apparatus for mounting a satellite antenna in a vehicle

A vehicle 16 includes a vehicle body 30 . A satellite antenna 18 is mounted within the vehicle body 30 . A satellite transmissive panel 40 is coupled

9K31 Strela-1 - Wikipedia

vehicle, mounting two pairs of ready-to-fire 9 Iran–Iraq War, Gulf War, 2003 invasion of 41 V-8 water-cooled petrol140 hp at 3,400

S-300 missile system - Wikipedia

[3][5] Components may be near the central command post, or as distant as 40 km. Each radar

Application (Airborne, Naval, Ground (Vehicle-Mounted,

(Vehicle-Mounted, Soldiers, Base Station), Space, Cyber), Region - Germany as a key market and an international technological and

- Apparatus for rewriting a memory in a vehicle mounted

A memory rewriting apparatus can rewrite control programs for a vehicle mounted ECU through communications reliably and easily. A transmission and reception

US7541685B2 - Vehicle-mounted alternator - Google Patents

The stator of the vehicle-mounted alternator includes a stator core formed with a plurality of slots located along a circumferential direction thereof, and

BM-21 Grad - Wikipedia

Hail) is a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm Iran–Iraq WarSoviet-Afghan War[5]Gulf War

US5905457A - Vehicle radar safety apparatus - Google Patents

A vehicle radar safety apparatus employs a radar for detecting an object in front and/or to the rear and sides of a vehicle and for producing an

Camera of Different Imaging Conditions Mounted on a UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with multispectral cameras for remote sensing (RS) has provided new opportunities for ecological and agricultural relat

EP1077161A2 - Multi-functional on-vehicle camera system and

A multi-functional on-vehicle camera system comprises a plurality of cameras (11-18) mounted on a vehicle and monitors (19-21) each displaying a


20. A vehicle-mounted switch system comprising: the switch state detectionAccording to Patent Document 3, at a time point when the switch 1

electronic measurement modules of a motor vehicle Patent (

mounted in a wheel of said vehicle, said FIG. 3 schematically illustrates an embodiment ofR (numbered from 100B-R-1 to 100B-R-2 in

Fire Pumps and Fire Fighting Pumps / Vehicle Mounted Fire

Manufacturer of Fire Fighting Pumps / Portable Fire Pumps, Fire Fighting Pumps / Vehicle Mounted Fire Pump Engine Driven Trash Pumps offered by Aryan

US6804591B1 - Vehicle-mounted information device - Google

An information device for on-vehicle use, includes: a CPU which is capable of normal operation and of standby operation which achieves low power U

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Wikipedia

201591- The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP; French PersonnelEdit Equipment and vehiclesEdit

US8672065B2 - Vehicle having an articulated suspension and

A vehicle includes a chassis and a plurality of wheel assemblies articulated with the chassis, each of the plurality of wheel assemblies comprising a

Wall-mounted charging station / for electric vehicles / AC -

Find out all of the information about the Spelsberg product: wall-mounted charging station / for electric vehicles / AC TG BCS 3. Contact a supplier

US20140061362A1 - Vehicle with aerial and ground mobility -

A combination rotor and wheel assembly for an unmanned vehicle with ground and aerial mobility has a rotor arm adapted to be attached at an inner end


An object is to provide the structure of an ECU enabling resin to be filled without deformation of an electronic circuit board. A resin-sealed vehicle-

US20060236345A1 - Video system for a vehicle - Google Patents

A video system for a vehicle comprises a receiving unit for connecting with a portable hard drive, the receiving unit being disposed in a vehicle and

Cydnidae (Heteroptera) with emphasis on vehicle-mounted

Notes on Afrotropical Cydnidae (Heteroptera) with emphasis on vehicle-mounted net samples and description of a new species from Liberia, West