Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation in Africa (UNEP-I

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Recycling oceanic crust: quantitative constraints. Geochem

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Table 1. Recycling rates

Table 1:Explaining the variation in recycling rates across the UK[†] Andrew Abbotta* Shasikanta Nandeibamb Lucy O’Sheab a Business School,

Good news for old shoes - recycling of athletic shoes - Brief

Good news for old shoes - recycling of athletic shoes - Brief Article

Métodos de incubao para avaliar o nitrogênio mineralizável

N mineralization rates in soils under sugarcane. to the recycling of microbial biomass (Bonde etin South Africa but higher than the values of

Attitudes and perceptions of rural people towards forest

(**) .030 -.046 -.107(*) .045 -.058 -Recycling, 51(2): 345-354. Robertson J, LawesSouth Africa. Environ. Conserv. 32(1): 64-75


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Method and device for burning-off precious metal-containing

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The genomic signatures of Shigella evolution, adaptation and

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Accumulation and Biological Cycling of Microelements in

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® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. high lignin content, waste paper: Streisel Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 53,

Order-to-Disorder Transitions in BECN1 Regulate

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Rubber Tire Leachates in the Aquatic Environment

reclamation, recycling, and energy recovery efforts(1987b) The detection of neurotoxicant activity EPA/ROD/R03-92/160. Office of Emergency and

Crop production and soil water management in conservation

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